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Sitting in the cold in my office was not. Whether my threats of calling the Department of Labor on our company that made everyone come in to a building sans heat and hot water (I’m convinced the company is videotaping us) or it was pure coincidence, but the temperature went up significantly after only a few miserable hours.

Over the rest of the day hung another strangeness, this time caused by the somewhat festive spirit of the election. With the events of last week, it was incredibly easy to forget about this; I’m sure the rest of the country were in a bit more of a political mindset. Personally, I felt like I solidified my political direction (not that there ever really was a question, to be honest) during the second debate.

You know, that one. With the BINDERS…FULL OF WOMEN
This fills my heart with joy. And this means, I also get to give my Political Pitch. I can understand why someone would vote Republican for business reasons. I can see why what that part offers for financial, tax and business purposes may be more appealing to some. I can wholly respect someone who does not agree with the Democratic point of view. Whether or not I think this is right is not the issue; looking at the bare facts is a simple question of one versus the other.
However, when it comes to issues such as abortion, women’s rights and even basic perceptions of humanity, there is no way in hell you could pay me to lend my support to Romney and Ryan. As far as I am concerned, the pair are utterly out of their minds. Completely. For that pair to be elected fills me with fear and dread; it affirms that people in this country really, truly are racist, hateful and against women. No. They hate women. They see the United States not as a free country, but as a place where only if you are white and male you are permitted to succeed. And I can never, ever even begin to fathom supporting that.

Now, as for the debates. Bush? Dopey, but not bad. McCain? Smart guy, not the greatest morally, but he could have been a solid contender. Romney? During the second debate he revealed his true colors. The way he looked at Obama, the pure disrespect and snide, smarmy elitism he projected was disgusting. He couldn’t even honor the leader of our country no matter how he felt politically. He looked like evil. And the thought of that person making decisions, representing the United States in a foreign arena is so horrifying, that I will be glued to the television for the next few hours, praying that Obama does remain in the White House.
Is Obama perfect? No. Did he fulfil every promise he made? No. But he is one man and the fact that the country was in such a state at the time of the last election…I don’t think anyone, even Superman could have solved the problems.
Politics and recovery is a marathon, not a sprint (SEE I BROUGHT RUNNING INTO IT – I AM OBSESSED). It will take years. And I don’t think it’s time to give up on Obama, any more than I gave up on running after 10 miles, after 18 miles and even after the New York Marathon was cancelled.

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