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For selecting any college or university it is important to have good facilities and infrastructures with proper environment. China is one of the popular countries that have fast growing economy and prospect making it an ideal study destination for international students. Moreover add to it the exciting culture and long history of China that makes it a perfect place. In a survey it was found that around 32000 students from around 180 countries came to china in the year 2012, either for degree or different non degree programs. Here are five reasons why you should study in China:

Exploration and travel

Studying in China gives you that excellent opportunity to explore one of the best and most popular countries of the world. China is a place that has unique mixture of modern day civilization as well as ancient history. There is scenic beauty all over with bustling nightlife. Visit all different places around the country and you can realize that it is a perfect place to study. The size of China’s territory gives variety of cultures, climates and landscapes. Rapid economic development in the last few decades is making it popular place for new opportunities and career options.


It’s Affordable

The best thing about Studying as well living in China is that it is affordable and easy compared to other European countries, Japan, US, South Korea and various other countries across the globe. Even compared to different Asian countries studying is quite cheap in China and this makes it much favorable and ideal studying destination for many students from around the world. Japan has high cost of living that soars up to 1800 dollars a month whereas South Korea is the world’s most expensive country for all foreign students. This makes China an affordable and preferred choice for studying.

Employment opportunities

The last few years have seen huge development and China’s economy is fast growing compared to other leading countries of the world. Even during economic crises the country maintained a growth of 8 percent which is quite an achievement. Almost all top companies of the world do business and operate in China. Some of the top companies and multinational firms have headquarters in this part of the world making it a perfect location for all young aspirants. Come to this part and there are whole lot of job opportunities and career options.

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International recognition and quality of Study

China strives to build some of the best and world class universities making it a preferred choice for education. China’s degree programs are unique and are of top class stature for every field counting from engineering to medicine, trade to economics. The academic qualifications awarded in different universities and colleges of the country are recognized globally and by most developed countries.

Experience deep culture

Culturally Chine is quite different and diverse making it a preferable place for young students as well as job aspirants. Almost all religion is practiced in this part making it suitable for students from various parts of the world.

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